Yukon & Multi-jurisdictional campaign site

This another project we did with the Government of Yukon. It was to create a Drupal CMS site, which could be used by either the Government of Yukon, or as a Multi-Jurisdictional site, to display various campaigns. The content creators could switch in the different content models, for example a ‘paragraph bundle’ or a ‘video + text bundle’ and drag and drop the areas as they saw fit. Our job was to plan out what they could customize based on their needs, and then design and code that.
I worked closely with the content strategist on the wireframes, and had frequent meetings with the developers as well, to make sure what we were building was possible. The team worked very well together on this, since we had previously done the large yukon.ca project, we streamlined this one very well. And in the end, the client loved the design and very pleased with the results and timely manner in which we finished. I hope this site is used for many informative campaigns!

ClientYukon GovernmentYear2018