Trico Centre

This is one of my latest projects, Trico is a fitness centre in Calgary, with exercise classes, a large indoor pool, and an ice skating rink. I really enjoyed working on this project, especially the mood board phase, because we could really capture the essence of the clients branding, in a way that was more suited to their users.

During the discovery phase, we found out that their clientele consisted of blue collar, family orientated, and even an older, senior demographic, and in the clients words “very grass roots and inclusive for everyone”. 
After discovery, I presented them with two mood boards, of potential routes I could go with for the visual design. The ‘Fresh’ approach, used cooler colours, and had a friendly, casual, calming, comfortable, and cooling vibe. While the other mood board titled ‘Bold’, was strong, powerful, playful and energetic, and warm. In the end, the client preferred the ‘Fresh’ mood board, but with hints of the ‘Bold’ one’s red, since it matched their preexisting branding.

From there, I made a final mood board titled ‘Wellness’ which combined elements of both. I focused on constructing organic shapes, and paint brush strokes, to give off more of casual and down to earth feeling. Not only that, but I was sure to include light hints of the clients branding red colour, to show how it could be used in a meaningful ways to catch a users attention (such as a CTA) without being too overpowering to the rest of the design.
 The client was thrilled with this approach, and we moved forward to wireframes. 

The wireframes were done with special attention to annotations, a new approach for our agency, so that even if I wasn’t present and able to explain them, they could still be shared in the clients’ office, from one staff member to another, and be easily accessible for everyone to understand.

After wireframes, and rounds of feedback, I moved on to the design mockups for both mobile and desktop. It was really exciting to incorporate the new visual direction we had decided upon, in the mood board phase. And I’m very happy with the way the designs turned out. The front end development was done, by another agency, and is still in development at the time of this writing. It was challenging to work with another ‘Out of House’ developer, but in the end, it was a great way to improve my communication skills and get better at the Design QA process, at times when I’m not sitting next to the person. We used a combination of video chat and emails to communicate, and it ended up being a very smooth process! Overall, this was a great project to work on!

ClientTricoYear2018 (still in development)