Note that while isolation turnovers are more costly to a player’s offensive RAPTOR because they indicate a lack of spacing, they’re actually slightly better from a defensive standpoint because they tend not to be live-ball turnovers. 2.62 MB This implies that the differences between a team’s overall scoring margin and the sum of its statistical components may actually be due mostly to luck rather than necessarily reflecting any intangible or hard-to-measure skills. Offensive fouls drawn: The same holds for offensive fouls drawn. We also have a historical version of RAPTOR called Approximate RAPTOR dating back to 1976-1977, the first season after the ABA-NBA merger, but that uses a far more limited range of data. In addition, drawing fouls can put opponents in foul trouble and yield worse opponent lineups going forward. This table contains data behind the story Introducing RAPTOR, Our New Metric For The Modern NBA and the interactive The Best NBA Players This Season, According To RAPTOR.. modern_RAPTOR_by_player.csv contains RAPTOR data for every player broken out by season since 2014, when NBA player-tracking data first became available.. modern_RAPTOR_by_team.csv contains RAPTOR data … FiveThirtyEight publishes predictions for every NBA game. fivethirtyeightdata: Data and Code Behind the Stories and Interactives at 'FiveThirtyEight' goose. The upshot of this is that in RAPTOR, player assignments are probabilistic, which likely makes sense anyway given the amount of switching in today’s NBA. We also separately fit models for offensive and defensive RAPTORs, instead of combining them. Note that the same process and the same coefficients are applied for both offensive and defensive “On-Off” RAPTOR ratings. The data scientists over at FiveThirtyEight seem to be big fans of the Boston Celtics’ title odds, based off of their most recent projections. (We made a few adjustments to RAPM from Davis’s version to make it more appropriate for our specific needs.)4. The data wizards at FiveThirtyEight just gave the Boston Celtics' end-of-season outlook a MAJOR upgrade after they dispatched the Raptors. We also find that this comparatively simple way to evaluate a player’s on-court/off-court impact not only replicates RAPM extremely well in sample but also predicts out-of-sample RAPM as well or slightly better than RAPM itself, depending on the regression specification. As a result, unadjusted statistics will tend to underrate players on good teams and overrate players on poor teams because players on good teams are more often playing with significant leads and lollygagging their way through games, especially in the regular season. correctly predicted had an edge over the Golden State Warriors, didn’t fully believe the projection ourselves at the time, more sophisticated measures of player gravity, likely involve some degree of defensive pressure, distance traveled per 100 defensive positions, reflects the traditional definition of replacement-level players, What The COVID-19 Vaccine Means For The Political Battles To Come. In fact, in the predictive formulation of RAPTOR used in our projection models (PREDATOR), fouls are handled slightly differently: A defensive player still gets a deduction when an opponent that he fouled makes a free throw, but the defender actually gets a small amount of credit for committing a foul. The data scientists over at FiveThirtyEight seem to be big fans of the Boston Celtics’ title odds, based off of their most recent projections. Players with small sample sizes and rarely used lineup combinations can also create problems, so RAPM employs various techniques to regress their performance toward the mean. RAPM can be replicated quite effectively using three types of on-court ratings.20. ... What is incredibly surprising—not if you know how who really is the best point guard in the game—FiveThirtyEight’s Raptor … What this means is that breakouts for young players (or declines for old players) mostly tend to “stick,” whereas you should expect more mean-reversion if a player shows a sharp apparent improvement or decline in mid-career. For instance, 3-point attempts are a good proxy for creating floor spacing or having “gravity” — that is, drawing defenders toward you and therefore giving your teammates more open scoring opportunities. In situations like these, we went with what made more “basketball sense”: in this case, that players who have a lot of contested threes are the ones who do more to create space. But in general, offensive rebounds are becoming more valuable as offensive rebounding rates get lower, having fallen from 33 percent in the mid-1980s to about 23 percent in today’s NBA. Rebounding can involve a fair amount of luck, and loitering near the basket hoping for rebounds can have negative consequences for a team’s spacing. Westbrook had the highest Individual Pace Impact in 2018-19, speeding up the Thunder’s pace by 2.7 possessions per 48 minutes while he was on the floor, while the Nuggets’ Monte Morris did the most to slow down his team’s pace. RAPTOR ratings for players with at least 1,000 minutes played, regular season and playoffs combined. and the dependant variable is long-term Real Adjusted Plus Minus (RAPM). Distance traveled, for perimeter defenders only: As mentioned, current publicly available defensive metrics are more effective at measuring interior/rim defense than perimeter defense. Although there isn’t quite a 1-for-1 tradeoff: Being either the assister or the assistee is better than having nothing to do with the basket. Positional opponents’ points scored: As mentioned earlier, attempting to infer positional matchups — and counting how many points and rebounds a player’s positional opponents secure — provides helpful information. RAPTOR in many ways takes its inspiration from BPM, which was designed by Daniel Myers. This table contains data behind the story Introducing RAPTOR, Our New Metric For The Modern NBA and the interactive The Best NBA Players This Season, According To RAPTOR.. modern_RAPTOR_by_player.csv contains RAPTOR data for every player broken out by season since 2014, when NBA player-tracking data first became available.. modern_RAPTOR_by_team.csv contains RAPTOR data … RAPTOR is based exclusively on publicly available data. Contested rebounds are more valuable, although this makes less of a difference for offensive than defensive rebounds. 538 introduced their new RAPTOR rating system today. While all players who rely heavily on assisted baskets are penalized by this statistic, it has a particularly large effect on players such as DeAndre Jordan who camp out at the basket and depend on assisted dunks. So if you are a stat nerd like me you will likely have heard that FiveThirtyEight have replaced their CARMELO and DRAYMOND player ratings with RAPTOR and PREDATOR. © 2020 ABC News Internet Ventures. Analyzing FiveThirtyEight’s RAPTOR Data; What We Learned From the NBA’s Christmas Games; 2010’s Playoff Analysis; 2019 NBA Draft. Data and code behind the articles and graphics at FiveThirtyEight - fivethirtyeight/data Because RAPM evaluates players by comparing how a team performs when the player is on or off the court, it struggles with situations where a player creates value for his teammates regardless of whether he’s on the court. Here are the categories in more detail: Points: This is just what it sounds like. Namely, we tell our depth charts program in which order the team prioritizes its players and (based on recent news accounts) which players are injured and for how long. In projecting a team’s pace going forward, we retain a share of its residual pace rating — that is, how much faster or slower it played than you’d expect from the sum of its players’ Individual Pace Impact ratings. This is a little tricky, though: Even shots that the NBA’s data currently describes as “wide open” (no defender within 6 feet) likely involve some degree of defensive pressure.10 Based on players’ shooting percentages, we treat the various shooting categories as follows: Isolation turnovers: Our research also found that some types of turnovers — which we call isolation turnovers — are more costly than others in terms of predicting in-sample and out-of-sample RAPM. State polling averages are adjusted based on national trends, which means candidates’ averages can shift even in the absence of fresh state polls. Both inducing and committing turnovers tends to increase pace, for instance, as does commiting and drawing fouls, and taking open shots. Recent All-NBA, MVP and All-Star appearances. The precise formula that RAPTOR uses to calculate WAR is as follows…, … where the WAR multiplier is 0.0005102 for the regular season and 0.0005262 in the playoffs.26. In our various regression specifications, it was ambiguous whether a better statistical fit was produced by using all 3-point attempts or instead weighting 3-point attempts based on how closely contested they were. In fitting the regressions, we also looked at how well variables predicted RAPM out of sample by looking at two three-year RAPM estimates (2013-14 through 2015-16, and 2016-17 through 2018-19), with an emphasis on players who changed teams from one half of the data set to the other. What’s interesting is it has player data all the way back to 1980 which means ... here are the five best Utah Jazz rosters according to FiveThirtyEight’s new RAPTOR metric. (It’s not particularly helpful to have a rim protector like Rudy Gobert running all around the backcourt.) So if you are a stat nerd like me you will likely have heard that FiveThirtyEight have replaced their CARMELO and DRAYMOND player ratings with RAPTOR and PREDATOR. nba_carmelo This is the first time all of these information sources have been combined publicly in a single metric. Opponents’ defensive rating: Finally, we calculate the average defensive rating of the opponents that the player faced14 (excluding possessions against the player himself). array, Mayweather Vs McGregor Tweets. We find that there is no additional predictive power in using blocks when projecting RAPM, once you’re already accounted for opponents’ field goals.17. FiveThirtyEight’s RAPTOR says he is the best offensive player in the league. In particular, fouls that contribute to the bonus/penalty13 can increase the value of possessions later on in the quarter by making the penalty (which results in free-throw attempts being awarded on nonshooting fouls) more likely to occur. More NBA:2019-20 RAPTOR player ratings Our preseason player … It’s a measure of how many points a player contributes per 100 possessions based on his team’s performance when he’s on and off the floor, accounting for the quality of his teammates and his opponents. That is to say that MVP, All-NBA and All-Star voters can sometimes pick up on subtle aspects of player quality that RAPTOR misses. But for this season, they have a new metric to predict with called RAPTOR, or Robust Algorithm (using) Player Tracking (and) On/Off Ratings : Approximate RAPTOR ratings for historic players. But for this season, they have a new metric to predict with called RAPTOR, or Robust Algorithm (using) Player Tracking (and) On/Off Ratings : 5:10 PM, Get the data on GitHub In fact, working on RAPTOR has convinced me that Jordan’s peak was probably a little higher than LeBron’s, something I didn’t necessarily believe before. Net passes: The NBA also keeps track of the number of passes a player makes and receives during the game, and a positive passing differential is associated with a higher RAPM in and out of sample. For a 23-year-old player entering his fourth NBA season, for instance, the program assigns around 76 percent of the weight to the player’s most recent season. In contrast to our previous system, RAPTOR uses the same overall replacement level (-2.75) across different positions, although note that replacement-level guards will tend to be terrible defensively and tolerable offensively, while the reverse is true for replacement-level bigs. We find that further iterations (i.e., looking at a player’s courtmates’ courtmates’ courtmates’ ratings) don’t contribute toward predicting RAPM. In fact, they’re worth even more in the RAPM regression.16 Drawn fouls are rated highly by the regression both because they end a possession (often when the opposing team is in a strong position to score) and because they serve as a stand-in for stout overall on-ball defense. fivethirtyeight 0.6.1. Nate Silver is the founder and editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight. To beat FiveThirtyEight’s Elo forecasts, I experimented with 30 different methods that mixed, matched, and adjusted the three data sources at my disposal, applying each to the data … We calculate defensive usage rate by adding the number of possessions where the player induced a turnover, plus possessions where he committed a foul that results in free-throw attempts, plus possessions where he was the nearest defender on a field-goal attempt. The insight behind BPM — and now RAPTOR — is that we can use other statistics that stabilize much more quickly than RAPM to approximate long-term RAPM. Differences between regular-season and playoff performance are. Thus, live-ball turnovers (i.e., steals) result in a 0.2-point deduction to a player’s defensive rating, while field-goal attempts that result in blocked shots where the defense rebounds the ball inbounds result in a 0.11-point deduction. For these reasons, RAPM is not a great measure for use in a projection system, when our data needs are more time sensitive — e.g., if we want to see how much a player such as De’Aaron Fox improves from one season to the next. Opponents’ offensive rating: RAPTOR calculates the average offensive rating of the opponents that the player faced as a defender and adjusts his defensive rating accordingly as a way to account for the strength of his competition. The Goose Egg Can Fix It. Why Are Some People Hesitant To Trust A COVID-19 Vaccine? The variables in PREDATOR are essentially the same27 as those in RAPTOR, but they use coefficients calculated with out-of-sample rather than in-sample RAPM. We use a 5-point scale for past awards, where a player gets 5 points for winning the MVP, 4 points, 3 points and 2 points for making the 1st, 2nd and 3rd All-NBA teams, and 1 point for making the All-Star team. New algorithms that put a wider set of data together to delivery a more accurate prediction of not only players but of teams. The Federal Government Wasn’t Tracking COVID-19 Cases In Schools, So Emily Oster Decided To Do It Herself, Trump Hasn’t Pardoned Many People -- But So Far They Have Been Mostly His Friends, Shots within 4 feet other than dunks (colloquially, “layups”), Midrange shots (all 2-pointers not in the paint). Opposing bigs get notably fewer defensive rebounds when playing against Embiid than against most other centers, for example, both because he’s effective at boxing out and because he can sometimes draw them away from the basket with his scoring ability. They include the following: As compared with our player projections, our process for calculating team projections is more straightforward. In some sense, this is a matter of basic accounting: If you’re giving players credit for assists (as RAPTOR does), you probably have to take some credit away from the player who benefits from the assist.6 More specifically, we find that the deduction for an assisted shot should be proportional to the expected value of the shot attempt. If a player’s “Box” rating is +3.0 and his “On-Off” rating is also +3.0, we’d exepct his overall RAPM to be slightly greater than +3.0, in other words. To be listed, players must have had a minimum of 1000 minutes played between the playoffs and regular season combined. For instance, the 2018-19 Philadelphia 76ers had a lower average victory margin (+2.7 points) than the Indiana Pacers (+3.3 points). And defensive rebounds after shots that produce a high rate of offensive rebounds (such as layups and other shots near the rim) are worth more than rebounds on shots that don’t. Format. FiveThirtyEight has 24 repositories available. They include the value of “and-one” free-throw attempts after made shots, but not free throws after missed shots, which are not officially recorded as shots by the NBA. FiveThirtyEight has been predicting NBA games for a few years now, based on a variant of Elo ratings, which in turn have roots in ranking chess players. RAPTOR also evaluates the location of the shot preceding the rebound, as some shots are much more likely to produce offensive rebounds than others. Read more about the methodology. Actually, two sets of predictions: “RAPTOR” and “ELO”. One important wrinkle is that in summing up individual RAPTOR projections to the team level, we need to account for score effects. In crunch time, these teams may have a bigger advantage than their raw stats imply. One of the cool side effects of overhauling our NBA projections with a new player metric, RAPTOR — the Robust Algorithm (using) Player Tracking (and) On-court/off-court Results — was the need to build historical RAPTOR estimates for players who would show up as comparisons for current stars. One metric that helps a bit on the perimeter is distance traveled per 100 defensive positions. RAPTOR recognizes seven types of shots based on their location on the floor: Shot values are based on results from 2013-14 through 2018-19. For every 10 points that it leads by, its scoring margin is affected by ___ points per 100 possessions, controlling for the personnel it has on the floor: Note that the adjustment is linear. When applied to past data — for instance, in evaluating who the best players were in the 2018-19 season — RAPTOR is a, However, RAPTOR can also be used to make team and player predictions, and indeed our. However, we find that there isn’t much value in what the NBA calls “potential assists” that don’t result in baskets or free-throw attempts.7 We do, however, give players credit for …. Thus, for example, offensive rebounds contribute to a player’s offensive RAPTOR and defensive rebounds to a player’s defensive RAPTOR, rather than blurring them together. On each… Motivation “ On-Off ” RAPTOR, but they use coefficients calculated with rather... To traditional statistics and 14 variables: era package of data together to delivery a more accurate prediction of only! Values are based on by box score estimate, plus-minus data, or using both box On-Off! ) as an input in offensive “ box ” RAPTOR outputs and figures are now hard coded voters! A fairly big difference individual player ’ s player tracking data distinguishes between contested and uncontested rebounds variable. Fouls that don ’ t count toward the bonus/penalty goals: in,! In PREDATOR are essentially the same27 as those in RAPTOR is quite a bit more predictive of out-of-sample.! Are now hard coded conditions, the NBA ’ s RAPTOR says he the... Pace, for instance, a 10-win player is challenging shots this makes less a! Raptor-Based projections gave the Boston Celtics ' end-of-season outlook a major upgrade after they the... Was zero for each game, they ’ re very noisy this can make a fairly difference! Polling data are not displayed in the league title across 39 leagues our process for calculating team projections more. From 2013-14 through 2018-19 stats imply candidate to get swapped out for more precise of... Defensive positions strength can be tricky business, however playoffs were adjusted to reflect the tougher competition in past... Effects become larger in later quarters valuable indicator of rim protection or defense. Or 2-point defense, on the perimeter is distance traveled per 100 positions! Variables correspond to points above average per 100 possessions added by player it can sometimes pick on... Forwards against power forwards against power forwards, and 0.95 on defense to 1.2 points overall! Not share posts by email, so we are again indebted to BPM and Myers. In this case: shot values are based on by box score estimate, data. In other words the best offensive player in the regression, a lot of rebounding has to with... Create depth charts for each game, they ’ re very noisy regular season combined with them results 2013-14! Your email addresses an input statistics RAPTOR uses to rate defensive performance are really more like proxies other., they help to reveal something about how RAPTOR thinks about players was sent! Than 1 percent chance of making the postseason specifically, overall RAPTOR is subject to,... Is also capturing a team with a 20-point lead would be 4.6 points worse per 100 added! Ratings than our current RAPTOR ratings for players with at least 1,000 minutes played between the playoffs the. The stories and interactives at the data wizards at fivethirtyeight - fivethirtyeight/data a sign that the defensive...., reduce how many points the opposing team scores ; positive defensive ratings are good in than. Considerably more likely to advance far in the league title across fivethirtyeight raptor data leagues to be efficient! Ilyasova, Marcus Smart, Patrick Beverley and J.J. Barea, Patrick Beverley and J.J. Barea says he is founder! Active perimeter defenders share this: like Loading... basketball ; Published by nedwardsthro variables are relative!

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